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abilities battle of the year also featured a good reveal of sportsmanship by means of Alex Saucedo

abilities battle of the year also featured a good reveal of sportsmanship by means of Alex Saucedo

Alex Saucedo didn’t reveal any outward signals of the sensational battle he engaged in with Lenny Zappavigna on Saturday in Oklahoma city. Oh, there were the shades he wore to cover the reduce he suffered during the brutal one hundred forty-pound fight.

And there became the swelling on the appropriate side of his jaw. other than that, although daftar poker, Saucedo acquired through his capabilities battle of the yr battle with Zappavigna with only a few aching muscle tissues.

“I’m sore, man,” he mentioned, forcing a smile.

The bruises harm just a little less on Monday, although, less than forty eight hours following his seventh-round stoppage of Zappavigna on a appropriate dangerous card on the ESPN+ provider that may also well have turn into the entrance-runner for 2018 combat of the year and circular of the yr.

Zappavigna put up a courageous fight and nearly grew to become things the other way up within the fourth when he hooked up a ferocious rally and a few instances had Saucedo pinned on the ropes, absorbing punishment. Saucedo, although, withstood it and with the retract figures to be the next challenger for brand new WBO junior welterweight champion Maurice Hooker.

“I’m feeling respectable, a little sore, however happy with the influence of the fight,” Saucedo mentioned.

Saucedo has been a slowly developing prospect, a man who effortlessly kept profitable as he changed into fed more difficult and more challenging competitors. He enhanced to 28-0 with 18 knockouts and desirable imperfect president Todd duBoef spoke of he is hopeful of constructing a title bout with Hooker subsequent.

DuBoef was extremely joyful with the combat and talked about Saucedo answered numerous questions about himself together with his efficiency in it.

“We thought he turned into a prospect, but you in no way know except they go out there and do it when it matters,” duBoef talked about. “that you may get them the opportunities, but they’re those who need to walk through the door and assume advantage of it, and boy, did he ever do that.”

It changed into a frenetic, speedy-paced bout and the opponents mixed for greater than 1,000 punches in below seven full rounds, in accordance with data compiled by means of CompuBox.

It didn’t have as dramatic of an ending as the legendary 2005 lightweight title bout between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo had, nor did it have quite the sustained degree of violence. It became very shut and calling it a negative man’s Corrales-Castillo is infrequently damning it with faint praise.

It wasn’t a bout for the faint of heart, these watching outdoor or in certain for the two men in the core of it. It became a brutal bout low on defense and high on challenging punches to the side of the face.

File Alex Saucedo R stopped Johnny Garcia L in the 2nd round of their welterweight bout at the Theater at Madison rectangular backyard in March 2017.


The intellectual video game is all the time vital in boxing, however peculiarly so in a bout like this.

“It takes a little little bit of everything,” Saucedo mentioned of surviving a intestine-assess bout like Saturday’s acquire over Zappavigna. “I consider that’s what makes you a champion, having coronary heart, practicing complicated, your conditioning, your corner. a bit bit of everything plays a part in it, you know?

“That fourth round turned into a very complicated round. He caught me with a couple of respectable punches, but i used to be capable of live on. Lenny Z, he threw everything he had in that fourth round. It changed into like a, ‘provide it all, are living-or-die,’ class of condition. It turned into a tricky, hard fourth round.”

It’s a battle that put Saucedo on the map. It turned into a competition of violence, but on the conclusion, put on full screen the sportsmanship that makes boxing so exquisite.

As they have been going at it in an alternate in the seventh, a member of the Oklahoma Athletic fee climbed the apron at the request of Zappavigna’s corner to have referee Gerald Ritter stop the battle.

Ritter, though, had his again to the grownup and turned into peering carefully at the motion. Saucedo noticed what become going on and took a step back to alert Ritter. He could have continued to punish Zappavigna, but had earned ample appreciate for him by using that aspect that he didn’t want to throw even one punch he didn’t ought to throw.

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